We believe everyone should feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

People with chronic skin conditions know that there are rarely “miracle cures”. It usually takes a combination of medical treatments, proper skincare routines, and diet/lifestyle adjustments to get results – however, the current journey of going from a doctor’s office, to the pharmacy, to the drugstore or department store is siloed, and none of these experiences currently speak to each other.

We're changing that with our end-to-end offerings spanning healthcare technology, skincare, and beauty, starting with a focus on the beginning of most people's skincare journey: acne

Our Brands.

We're reimagining what skincare should be.

A nationwide telemedicine platform centered on acne prescriptions and Accutane, an integral medication that we believe has been unjustly stigmatized.

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An esthetician designed skincare brand that forms the core of a healthy routine.

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We’re addressing the challenges that have prevented people from achieving their best skin.

Nationwide Access

85 million Americans have a chronic skin condition that would benefit from high-quality, dermatological care, but 70% of zip codes are still understaffed with dermatologists. Through our nationwide asynchronous telemedicine offerings, we’re able to reach these underserved populations so everyone can have access to expert care.


Traditionalist specialist visits can be expensive, and so can finding the right skincare regimens that actually work. Through meaningful tech, we automate repetitive admin processes to reduce busy-work for physicians, allowing us to pass on cost savings. We also work with manufacturer programs for our medications and sell our skincare direct, allowing us to bring high quality solutions at an affordable price point to all patients regardless of insurance coverage.

Addressing Stigmas

We’re tackling conditions that have traditionally been stigmatized while unveiling the truth behind treatments, starting with Accutane® which we believe can be life changing for the right patients. We believe the psychological aspect of having chronic skin conditions is just as important as the physical, and seek to provide guidance and support well beyond just our physical product offerings.

Bridging the Journey

The traditional skincare journey can be frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming. Medical guidance, prescriptions, skincare, diet/lifestyle and wellness all contribute to the health of our skin, but these experiences have traditionally been disjointed and no brand has ever connected these pieces in a fundamentally meaningful way. We think it’s about time this changes.


Founded by skincare people, for skincare people.

Michael Chang, CEO and Cofounder

Former private equity professional and chronic acne sufferer

Wen Chen Chiu, COO and Cofounder

Ex-Bridgewater and licensed NY esthetician

Dr. Aaron Farberg, Clear Health Medical Director

Board certified dermatologist, Mohs Surgeon and advisor to Gore Range Capital.

Dr. Marc Serota, MD

Triple Board Certified in Dermatology, Allergy and Immunology

Johann Verheem, Advisory

Former Head of Product at Pro-Activ